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1/18 Resin Ivy Virtue Ferrari Novitec F8 N-Largo Red Scale Model Car

1/18 Resin Ivy Virtue Ferrari Novitec F8 N-Largo Red Scale Model Car


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Product Specifications:

- Scale: 1/18
- Model: Ivy Virtue Ferrari Novitec F8 N-Largo
- Color: Red
- Price: AED 1,950

Product Description:

Introducing the Ivy Virtue Ferrari Novitec F8 N-Largo in 1/18 scale, a masterpiece in Red. Crafted with precision and artistry, this resin model embodies luxury and style.

Supreme & LV Edition: This exclusive model is part of the Supreme & LV Edition, adding a touch of prestige to your collection.

Iconic Red Elegance: The striking Red color exudes elegance and boldness, making it a standout addition to your display.

Intricate Detail: Every detail is meticulously captured in this resin model, from the sleek body to the fine interior.

Priceless Luxury: Priced at AED 1,950, this model represents the pinnacle of automotive luxury. It's a symbol of taste and sophistication.

Collectors' Dream: For avid collectors and enthusiasts, the Ivy Virtue Ferrari Novitec F8 N-Largo is a dream come true, offering a taste of automotive opulence.

Elevate your collection with this masterpiece, an epitome of automotive artistry.


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Care Instructions

1. Dust Regularly:
- Use a soft brush or air.
2. Cool Storage:
- Keep away from sunlight.
3. Gentle Cleaning:
- Use mild cleaners, avoid rubbing.
4. Clean Handling:
- Handle with clean hands.
5. Smart Storage:
- Use original packaging or display case.
6. Check Regularly:
- Inspect for wear or loose parts.
7. Gentle Products:
- Use gentle cleaning products.
8. Rotate Display:
- Ensure even exposure.
9. Secure Transportation:
- Use a padded case

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