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CMC Mercedes-Benz W25, 1935 Luigi Fagioli, Start No. #4 Sieger GP Monaco [1/18 Diecast]

CMC Mercedes-Benz W25, 1935 Luigi Fagioli, Start No. #4 Sieger GP Monaco [1/18 Diecast]


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Product Specifications:
- Brand: CMC
- Scale: 1/18
- Model: CMC Mercedes-Benz W25, 1935 Luigi Fagioli, Start No. #4 Sieger GP      Monaco 
- Material: Diecast
- Opening: Full Opening
- Color: Silver

Experience the thrill and elegance of the CMC Mercedes-Benz W25. Faithfully recreated with full opening features and expertly crafted from diecast material, this 1/18 scale model of the 1935 Luigi Fagioli #4 GP Monaco winner is a must-have for any collector. Feel the history and power of this iconic car in your hands!

Key Features:
- High-Quality Diecast Construction
- Full Opening Functionality
- Detailed Interior and Exterior
- Clean Finish Version
- Authentic Silver Color

Timeless Elegance:
The Mercedes-Benz W25 exudes timeless elegance with its sleek design and classic lines. This 1/18 scale model faithfully captures the essence of the original truck, allowing you to admire its beauty and craftsmanship up close.

Full Opening Functionality:
With full opening functionality, this diecast model provides access to every detail of the Mercedes-Benz W25. Open the doors, hood, and trunk to reveal a meticulously recreated interior, engine, and cargo space, offering a glimpse into the truck's design and engineering.

Detailed Interior and Exterior:
From the finely crafted dashboard to the intricate engine components, every aspect of the Mercedes-Benz W250  is reproduced with precision and accuracy. The exterior features authentic details such as the iconic Mercedes-Benz emblem, headlights, and grille, while the interior showcases realistic upholstery and controls.

Clean Finish Version:
This model represents the clean finish version of the Mercedes-Benz W25, showcasing its elegant design without additional graphics or markings. The Silver color accentuates the truck's curves and contours, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Perfect for Collectors and Enthusiasts:
Whether you're a diecast collector or a fan of vintage vehicles, this 1/18 scale model is sure to impress. Its combination of full opening functionality, detailed craftsmanship, and clean finish design makes it a must-have addition to any collection or display.

Experience History:
Transport yourself back to the 1930s with this exquisite diecast model of the Mercedes-Benz W25. With its authentic design, full opening features, and Silver finish, it offers a captivating glimpse into the rich history of Mercedes-Benz trucks.

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