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1/18 Ferrari F40 33/50 Chameleon by GL Model Model Car

1/18 Ferrari F40 33/50 Chameleon by GL Model Model Car


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Product Specifications:

- Scale: 1/18
- Model: Ferrari F40
- Limited Edition: 33/50
- Special Feature: Chameleon paint finish
- Brand: GL Model
- Openings: No openings (non-functional parts)
- Materials: High-quality die-cast metal and plastic
- Dimensions: Approximately 10 inches (25 cm) in length
- Details: Exquisite detailing of the exterior and interior
- Display: Comes with a display base for showcasing the model
- Packaging: Securely packaged in a collector's box

Product Description:

Experience the timeless allure of the iconic Ferrari F40 with our meticulously crafted 1/18 scale model by GL Model. Limited to just 50 pieces worldwide, this exclusive edition bears the unique number 33, making it a prized collectible. The chameleon paint finish adds a touch of enchantment, reflecting various colors as the light dances on its surface.

Designed for discerning enthusiasts, this model exudes authenticity with its intricate exterior and interior detailing. Each component is meticulously replicated, capturing the essence of the legendary Ferrari F40. Though non-functional, the model showcases the allure of this masterpiece.

Display your passion for automotive excellence with this exquisite Ferrari F40 model, proudly exhibited on its included display base. With its immaculate craftsmanship and no openings design, this collector's item is a must-have for automotive enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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Care Instructions

1. Dust Regularly:
- Use a soft brush or air.
2. Cool Storage:
- Keep away from sunlight.
3. Gentle Cleaning:
- Use mild cleaners, avoid rubbing.
4. Clean Handling:
- Handle with clean hands.
5. Smart Storage:
- Use original packaging or display case.
6. Check Regularly:
- Inspect for wear or loose parts.
7. Gentle Products:
- Use gentle cleaning products.
8. Rotate Display:
- Ensure even exposure.
9. Secure Transportation:
- Use a padded case

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