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Soul Goodman - 1/18 Scale Action Figure

Soul Goodman - 1/18 Scale Action Figure


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Product Specifications:
- Scale: 1/18
- Type: Action Figure
- Character: Soul Goodman

Immerse yourself in the Breaking Bad universe with the 1/18 scale action figure of the enigmatic character, Soul Goodman. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this figure allows fans to bring the essence of Soul Goodman into their collection or display.

Key Features:
- 1/18 Scale Action Figure
- Meticulous Detailing
- Perfect for Breaking Bad Fans and Collectors
- Capture the Essence of Soul Goodman

Meticulous Detailing:
This action figure is designed with meticulous detailing, capturing the unique characteristics of Soul Goodman. From facial expressions to wardrobe details, every aspect is faithfully recreated.

Perfect for Breaking Bad Fans:
Whether you're a devoted Breaking Bad fan or a collector of action figures, this 1/18 scale figure is a must-have to commemorate the memorable character of Soul Goodman. Display your passion for the series with this high-quality collectible.

Limited Availability:
Due to the popularity of Breaking Bad collectibles, this action figure is available in limited quantities. Secure your 1/18 scale Soul Goodman figure and enhance your collection with this exclusive piece.
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Care Instructions

1. Dust Regularly:
- Use a soft brush or air.
2. Cool Storage:
- Keep away from sunlight.
3. Gentle Cleaning:
- Use mild cleaners, avoid rubbing.
4. Clean Handling:
- Handle with clean hands.
5. Smart Storage:
- Use original packaging or display case.
6. Check Regularly:
- Inspect for wear or loose parts.
7. Gentle Products:
- Use gentle cleaning products.
8. Rotate Display:
- Ensure even exposure.
9. Secure Transportation:
- Use a padded case

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