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Carbon Fiber Money clip

Carbon Fiber Money clip


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This real carbon fiber money clip may just make you spend your money faster. That's because you'll always want to be taking it out to show it off to others. Made completely from real carbon fiber with a twill weave and a high-gloss finish that pops.
You'll never have to worry about losing tension because carbon fiber will always go back to its original position, making this one a lifelong product. The design allows for as little as 1 bill to be held in place, or I literally just tested with 8 credit cards and 11 bills without a problem.
As you can imagine, since it's made from real carbon fiber, it's ultra lightweight. 12 grams to be exact...about the weight of 1.5aed coins.

Product Highlights
Made completely out of real carbon fiber
Twill weave with a high-gloss finish
Will never lose its tension
Can hold as little as 1 bill
Tested with 8 credit cards and 11 bills with no issue
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